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Tour Details

We will come and pick you up from your hotel just after breakfast at 8am.
We will then take a drive to Koh Ker and then Beng Mealea before returning safely back to hotel.
This tour lasts around 8 hours.

Koh Ker Temple

Koh Ker is a remote temple located more than 100km away from Siem Reap. It is surrounded by thick jungle and there are more than 20 monuments which we can visit. It was once the capital of the Khmer Empire and was called Lingapura. It was started by King Jayavarman IV and finished by Harshavarman II.

Koh Ker is a unique pyramid style which looks similar to the Mayan temples located in South America.

Prasat Pram

Prasat Pram is a temple complex at Koh Ker, “Prasat” means “temple”, “Pram” means “five.” Five towers temple are erected in a compound enclosed by a laterite wall. Only three of them are Prasa, standing in a North-South row on a shared platform, Prasats are shrines for idols of deities, whereas the two towers in front of them were so-called libraries. The south-eastern and the north-western towers are completely overgrown by strangler figs.

Beng Mealea

Beng Mealea is a Hindu temple located around 65km outside of Siem Reap. It was build in the 12th century by King Suryavarman II. It’s one of the largest temples built during the Angkor period and is a great site to visit because it’s fairly quiet when compared to Angkor Wat. It was build mostly of sandstone, which historians believe was brought from the nearby quarries of Phnom Kulen. This quiet temple is away from the huge crowds of Angkor Wat and can be explored in relative peace.

Tour Price USD $150

Private tour price $150/group from 2-4 people

Private tour price $170/group from 5-8 people


Licensed tour guide, AC car, and cold water are included. Tickets, lunch and other personal expenses are not included on this trip.

Visitors should be aware of local customs and visitors are asked to cover their knees and shoulders when entering the temples. Moreover, Cambodia is a very hot country, you should bring something to protect yourself from the sun.

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